Syed Muneer Ahmed hailing from a family of businessmen is the second son of Haji Syed Abdul Gaffoor. A pharmacy graduate, having done his B. Pharmacy at Madras Medical College, to help in the Pharmaceutical business of his father, his interest was more into the food industry. From time young, while still at College, he had a fancy for mango fruits and at an young age, during the summer vacation, when the mangoes were in season, he helped his father in exporting substantial quantity of fruits and later introduced the naturally ripened Alphonso mangoes in South India, boxed per size and handed over to the customers as 100% mature quality with no damages. This built the reputation of his being called the ‘mango man’ in his circle. He further exported and introduced into Malaysia and Singapore, the bigger size, hardy and pulpy mangoes, ‘Totapuri’.

Syed Muneer Ahmed is into many social and Welfare organizations, he is President, The National Chamber of Commerce for two decades, former Chairman, Consultative Committee of City Chambers of Commerce, Chennai; Executive Committee Member, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry(FICCI); member on Chennai Customs Sea and Air Advisory Committee; Central Excise, Regional Advisory Committee, Southern Railway, Divisional Railway Users Consultative Committee Having diversified into various other businesses, Syed Muneer Ahmed, still had his passion for mangoes.

Syed Muneer Ahmed


I’m happy to see my son, Mr Syed Tariq Ahmed, who has graduated as Master in Business Administration, take on my passion of the love of mangoes and gone a step ahead in setting up processing units with modern technology to process mango pulp and concentrate.

I have advised him in providing the best of raw material for a good quality end product. Hence, the location of our units are in mango belts and during the flowering of the trees, they are inspected by our quality team, right amount of approved pesticides are used under strict observation at the mango groves/orchards. The fruits are plucked as fully mature and set to ripen in the factory Chambers. Further, the processing is done under strict conditions following International standards.

It is with utmost satisfaction, I write here that my education in Pharmacy has helped me understand the chemical transformation and processing of fruits, apart from the food technologists employed for this. It is the reputation which counts and I’m sure, my son Syed Tariq Ahmed has learnt to improvise on the quality aspect and has a good list of satisfied customers in this last few years of his independent handling.

Wishing TMN International all the best and hope to see it grow in leaps and bounds to becoming a Global leader.

Syed Muneer Ahmed