Syed Tariq Ahmed, B.Sc. (Computer Science), M.B.A., is a third generation businessman of the family. Apart from the academics, he has undergone vigorous training in business marketing under his father, Mr Syed Muneer Ahmed, both domestic and international. Having travelled widely, he has done a market study of what can be offered from around the place he stays. Though independent, he consults his father on various aspects, to add experience to his modern outlook. Immediately after completing his studies, he was in China and Dubai, U.A.E. handling imports and exports of consumer goods and furniture for projects.

Since the last Five years, he has diversified into export of Rice and Processed foods. Following from his father, the love of mangos, he has established two units for processing Mango pulp and concentrate in Aseptic Bags apart from a Canning unit at Krishnagiri District and Chittoor District, which is a famous mango belt for Totapuri & Alphonso. Having worked hard since the last few years, he has established a strong market for his quality pulp in the Middle East and Europe.

Syed Tariq Ahmed
Managing Director


Under the ‘Home Life’group, I have established, TMN International, a company which is 100% export oriented for manufacture and export of Fruit pulps, Mango pulp being our main supply. Lot of efforts have been put in to maintain a strict vigil on the Quality and I’ve succeeded in being accepted by Quality conscious premium brands in Food Products. Our pulp is used in Fruit juices, dairy and Ice creams. Totapuri pulp is widely accepted as a base for mango drink as it has a good consistency and wholesome.

We have added additional Seperators in the Processing plants to provide a speck free, free flowing and good consistency to the pulp. We also specialize in White Guava pulp, apart from other fruits of papaya, Tomato, etc.
I’m confident that our fruit pulp meet the highest standards, and our customers will not leave us once they have tried out our products.

I believe in “Quality first.. No compromise”