Pomegranate :

A pomegranate is a round shaped fruit with a thick outer skin ranging from pink to red. The inside of the fruit is said to have kernels with little seeds and a juicy sweet flesh around it. This fruit is a native of the Iranian Plateau and is rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, E & C and Folic acid, Fiber, Potassium and Niacin. This fruit has antioxidants which can protect our body from heart disease, Osteoarthritis and Breast Cancer. It also helps lower bad Cholesterol and Blood Pressure.

Pomegranate Kernels are extracted from Non-GMO, sorted, sound ripened and washed fruit by mechanical de-poding. The finished kernels pass through the Individual Quick Freezer at -40oC and then sieved, inspected, packed and are finally passed through the metal detector. Overall processing is done by maintaining strict hygienic and product safety conditions.

Product Description:

Pomegranate kernels (Arils) Extraction from non-GMO, sorted Sound ripened, washed fruit by mechanical de-poding. The finished kernels (Arils) passed through the individual Quick Freezer at -40°C.The IQF Arils are then sieved and passed through metal detector and packed by maintaining strict hygienic conditions throughout the processing line.